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Cosmetic Dentistry

Life can be hard on teeth. Be good to yours and make them look fantastic with the latest in cosmetic dentistry from Rock Creek Dental. More Info

Restoration Dentistry

Sometimes bad things happen to good teeth. Fix yours right and get your smile back using modern advancements in restoration dentistry. More Info


Braces without the braces, straightening without the straight jacket. Make an appointment right here in Auburn to get your teeth aligned – invisibly. More Info

Preventive Dentistry

Dental cleanings aren’t boring — they’re tooth saving necessities! Come in for your regular exam and we’ll show you how exciting it is to keep your teeth forever. More Info

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We're a Full Service Family Dental Group in Auburn, CA

Cute little healthy teeth, teens in braces, grown-ups working hard to keep their teeth and gums in great shape — we love them all. Rock Creek Dental in Auburn is a full-service dental group for your entire family. Your trust, comfort and relaxation are important to us, right alongside your dental health. Come in soon to meet our Auburn dentist and professional staff!

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Offering Invisalign

Rock Creek Dental in Auburn offers Invisalign. That means all the reasons you’ve put off getting braces are no longer an obstacle. You can take Invisalign off for photos, important events, to eat and brush your teeth. You can put on a great big smile when you see your teeth aligning properly. Make an appointment soon to see just how quickly you can get a straighter smile, invisibly.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Even if you have very healthy teeth and gums, you might still be dissatisfied with their appearance. Stains, chips, gaps, crooked or oddly shaped teeth diminish an otherwise healthy smile. Cosmetic dentistry no longer means the fake-looking capped teeth of yesteryear’s movie stars. Modern cosmetic dental services leave your teeth looking beautiful, healthy and natural.

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Restoration Dentistry

Teeth are really strong. Teeth do amazing things. Teeth are wonderful, except when they break, get diseased, or get knocked out. As amazing as teeth are, the permanent ones don’t grow back. When your teeth need restoring, trust your Auburn Dentist, Dr. Matson, to fix them. Learn about your options for fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays, implants, bridges and dentures. Our goal is to keep the teeth you have and find the best replacement for any you need to replace. Your restored smile waits for you, right here in Auburn.

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Dental Discount Program

The professionals at Rock Creek Dental in Auburn know how hard you work, and that you want your whole family to enjoy healthy teeth and gums. But with life and expenses tugging at us in all directions, dental care is often the first to go. Unfortunately, dental work delayed generally means tooth decay that’s even more expensive to repair. We don’t want that for you! Visit our office soon and speak with our caring staff about the various payment plans and discount programs we offer. Please find out what’s available — quality dental care is in your reach! We want to get inside your mouth, not your wallet.

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Dr. Erik Matson of Rock Creek Dental provides quality dental care for families and individuals. He is an experienced provider of dental cleanings and exams, Invisalign orthodontics, fluoride treatments, fillings and complete smile makeovers using whitening, veneers, dental implants and more. The health and welfare of your family is important to Dr. Matson! Please visit Rock Creek Dental at 3205 Professional Drive in Auburn, calling our office at (530) 823.6456 or contacting us here. Dr. Matson and his entire staff look forward to meeting you soon.